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  1. Head lice are nasty pests that spread very easily. These tiny insects live on the scalp and lay eggs, called nits, which stick to hair very close to the scalp. People assume that someone with lice is not clean, but that is not the case. Anyone can get lic
    20-01-2009 by swiperthefox
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  2. Head lice cause severe itching and can even lead to infection if not cured in time. Pregnant women with head lice need different type of treatment because the general ones involve the use of pesticides which can be harmful for the developing baby.
    07-01-2012 by priyamehta2
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  3. Using medicated lotion or spray is an alternative method of treating head lice and the most effective method is to take the treatment of head lice.
    23-08-2012 by ewartfae

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