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  1. Sweepstakes marketing – Sweepstakes are considered to be one of the most efficient marketing campaign tools? They are very cost effective and dynamic way to market your products or services. Sweepstakes and Contests marketing attract a huge number of po
    23-09-2010 by natachsana
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  2. It’s true that sweepstakes are effective marketing with customer surveys. But there are some rules of the game here. For instance, when you have administered a survey mail campaign for the first time to your target customers, you should figure out whether
    08-11-2010 by monicamnco
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  3. Sweepstakes and any kind of contests are subject to large expenditures because of two very specific aspects. First, you need to provide with a prize for which you will pay and secondly, in many countries across the world, there are taxes that need to be p
    17-09-2012 by mrobitabao and 1 other
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