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  1. Microsoft and HP have teamed up to introduce a slate computer ahead of Apple’s much rumoured device launch.
    08-01-2010 by eviedenty
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  2. Samsung is the next to come out swinging against Apple’s iPad. A senior executive confirmed plans to release a “slate PC” during the second half of this year.
    17-03-2010 by josblackks
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  3. Tablet PC keyboard is the latest achievement of our organization and the big part of this device is people really like the performance and wants to apply for this device. As we know today all electronic devices are coming with latest technology.
    01-04-2010 by thomasrobert and 1 other
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  4. The HP Slate Tablet PC is set to be released around June time in the US and about September in Europe.
    02-04-2010 by jonlenon
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  5. Computer Tablet Pcs, apple ipad Tablet, notebook tablet Computers and also the brand new Slate Computer is going to be changing the way we surf the net, read publications, stay connected along with friends and perform games.
    11-04-2010 by jdysonyysy
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  6. Slateism is a British based online business which specialises in touch-screen slate PC and tablet PC consumer devices. Our belief is that slate PCs will be the ubiquities computing products over the next few years and you will find all the latest news and
    05-05-2010 by gizikofqerty and 10 others
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  7. This store specialises in all the Slate PC and Tablet and accessories that you will need to make your’s something special – from the practical necessities like cables and batteries, to the fun add-ons like projectors and speakers.
    19-05-2010 by karmenjonesjones and 10 others
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  8. Our site has lots of information available including detailed specifications, videos and written reviews, and new reviews and posts are being added frequently.Already have experience with a tablet? Please feel free to rate the product and provide your fee
    02-12-2010 by ella3vega
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  9. Given that the new market of contact display screen tables has taken form, the HP firm have constantly needed to be a single of the top gamers providing high quality items that individuals would really like and purchase. However things did not go in accor
    09-12-2010 by angelica52coronel
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  10. Gigabyte has ventured forth into complete blown tablets without the physical keyboards. Gigabyte introduces the S1080. Gigabyte S1080 has a show of 10.1 inches with an Intel Atom N550 and Windows 7 OS. The S1080 weighs much less than 2 lbs and uses a capa
    13-01-2011 by cansaga7
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