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  1. This voice taunts you whenever you set a goal. It criticizes you when life gets difficult. It beats you down when you wrestle to face up in opposition to its operating commentary. You recognize you shouldn’t let self-doubt hassle you, however it’s a sn
    04-06-2013 by makapilingka and 1 other
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  2. Here is a very moving clip from the Rocky Series. Mickey is no longer with him... or is he? If you've ever lost a loved one that was very close to you, I think you'll relate to Rocky's experience. You might want to pay close attention around the
    11-01-2014 by proteinbarkaren
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  3. Рокки Бальбоа, много лет не выходил на ринг, он постарел и живет спокойной жизнью без жены, умершей несколько лет назад от рака. Деньги ем
    18-01-2014 by kismenukigp
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