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  1. Yemen's Shi'ite rebels are ready for talks with the government once fighting stops, their leader said on Saturday, responding to a presidential plea as fears grow that al Qaeda could exploit the country's instability.
    04-01-2010 by sahomessoa
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  2. Yemeni security forces, under US pressure to rein in extremists, Wednesday captured a key Al-Qaeda leader believed to be behind threats that saw foreign embassies in Sanaa closing their doors, police said.
    06-01-2010 by gestorpo32
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  3. Yemen is intensifying its fight against Al Qaeda, as its forces killed a cell leader in a firefight Tuesday night and pursued two dozen other militants in the southeast Shabwa Province.
    14-01-2010 by joemceejcc
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  4. Yemeni government forces killed an al Qaeda leader in an overnight shootout in a southeastern province and militants hit back with an ambush that killed two soldiers and wounded four on Wednesday, security officials said.
    16-01-2010 by jsmithings
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