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  1. The sleek low bun hairstyle has been a popular choice among women all over the world for many years. It is a great style because it can be done to suit many occasions whether it be a formal event or a casual family get together.
    05-02-2010 by boostblo
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  2. When choosing a haircut, it could be very difficult to select what style to get. Long hair is quite easy, however short hair is a little tricky. Short curly hairstyles are popular and well-liked. When you make a decision that you want short hair, main thi
    14-02-2010 by boostblo
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  3. As the seasons come and go, so do fashion and hair trends. If you are looking for a great new haircut to help reinvent yourself then there are a wide variety of long spring haircuts for 2010 to choose from. Every hair length has its own set of advantages,
    12-04-2010 by boostblo
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  4. There are those of us who suffer from having thin hair; this maybe as a result of hair falling off due to medication or wrong hair treatment. It may also be genetic; meaning that your family has the thin type of hair.
    18-04-2010 by boostblo
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