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  1. Holy Kaaba is the most sacred and important place for the Muslims on earth. It is said that this place never sleeps and this fact is quite true. There is absolutely no concept of night and day in the house of Allah Almighty because millions of Muslims do
    22-06-2017 by adeeliqbal
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  2. Hajj is an enormous religious obligation who is physically and financially strong, he should perform Hajj. It’s not just our duty to perform but it’s a journey towards “Home of Allah” where you can get the blessings of Allah and forgiveness from your past
    10-10-2017 by alena44
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  3. Performing Hajj is mandatory for Muslim. There are definitely some important points to keep in mind when you prepare for Hajj that we have discussed in this article.
    27-07-2018 by umrahtour
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