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  1. InSO is one of the finest Call Centers which offers world class, cost-effective Telemarketing Outsourcing solutions to businesses nationwide. Our diversified call centre outsourcing services include; Inbound Order Taking, Sales, Outbound Telemarketing, Cu
    01-07-2009 by peterjeams and 2 others
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  2. Magellan Call Center provides you Order Taking Services, Call Center Order Taking, process customer orders & more effectively turns them into sales or profit.
    04-06-2011 by sbmark111 and 3 others
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  3. There are several ways an order-taking service can be advantageous to your business.
    04-07-2011 by georgina01
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  4. Order taking services are offered by several call centers in present times. You can hire certified call center order taking services to take your business to greater heights.
    06-07-2011 by alexrichards
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  5. Order Taking Philippines helps small businesses increase sales by maintaining 24/7 support to process orders. Agents are trained to engage your customers. Our order taking services save time and very affordable to any sized organization.
    12-07-2011 by parkchunmin
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  6. There are many things to consider before hiring an order taking service provider. Some of them are mentioned on this blog post.
    21-09-2011 by ashleystuart10
  7. Remember the days when you would talk for hours on the telephone? We’re pretty sure that a lot of folks out there went through the “teenage phase” of spending countless hours on the phone with friends or a sweetheart, as if there’s no tomorrow.
    12-04-2012 by parkchunmin
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  8. “What’s on the menu?’ is the question most often asked when eating out. Be it in a small diner or a fancy five-star restaurant, the question on people’s mind, apart from the first one is, “What can I order?
    13-04-2012 by parkchunmin
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  9. Whether we admit it or, people love to chat. From the simple “barber shop” (for men) or “beauty parlor” (for the ladies) talk, to the marathon telephone calls that teenagers once found themselves engaged in, talking about nothing for hours seems to be an
    17-04-2012 by parkchunmin
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  10. It is often said that a “want” is different from a “need”. As philosophical as it sounds, the reality is that not all wants are needed, while not all needs are desired.
    25-04-2012 by parkchunmin
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