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  1. The Pacific tsunami warning centre today issued a tsunami warning for 11 countries and territories, including the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Kiribati after a powerful earthquake off
    08-10-2009 by gpage5907
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  2. In the second film in our series of four, Declan Walsh travels through Punjab where the swollen waters of the Indus river have devastated the breadbasket of Pakistan and the livelihoods it supports
    04-10-2010 by denysnnnne
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  3. A savage storm system tore through the southern states reducing homes to rubble and leaving thousands without power
    20-04-2011 by kocloudenc
  4. Death toll passes 400 and may rise as rescuers find bodies washed out to sea
    18-12-2011 by tyrekunryn and 1 other

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