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  1. Maybach Car. Want to be among the first to lease a 2011 Smart Electric Drive? You’re probably too late, as the brand only plans to make 1,500 of them available globally. There's definitely a story in the numbers. Even of those 250 cars sent to the U.S.,
    12-06-2010 by majhipalacios123 and 1 other
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  2. Mount Rushmore and its attractions, pack all of your gear and enjoy one of South Dakota's many campsites. You may still enjoy the scenic aspects of nature, but nonetheless have access to many amenities which make your vacation memorable
    11-04-2013 by krishnasharma and 1 other
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  3. Mount Rushmore National Park, located in South Dakota’s Black Hills, is among the most widely recognized symbols of America’s freedom and hope. The main attraction of the park, Mount Rushmore, features the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jef
    03-12-2013 by jeanmarie
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