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  1. The Sample Bag offers advertisers a unique way of marketing their products directly into the hands of consumers, and offers consumers a nicely sized goody bag full of samples to try out, give away, use as gifts, etc. We also donate to worthy causes and e
    10-02-2010 by sanivel
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  2. Ah, women. I’m beginning to believe that they are the world’s most primary and influential market. In fact, selling to women has gained special attention from marketers worldwide. And why not? According to one study, women comprise a majority of all consu
    20-08-2010 by crs20smo and 6 others
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  3. By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter NYT: As Consumers Cut Spending, ‘Green’ Products Lose Allure Since it's Earth Day, and time for my Lip-sticking post...and most household products are still purchased by women...the above headline i
    23-02-2012 by raarostegui
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