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  1. It is often said that a “want” is different from a “need”. As philosophical as it sounds, the reality is that not all wants are needed, while not all needs are desired.
    25-04-2012 by parkchunmin
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  2. Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. is a leading inbound call center in the Philippines, providing small and medium businesses with high-quality contact center services such as help desk, inbound customer service, order taking, reservations and bookings,
    03-05-2012 by parkchunmin
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  3. Your business can avoid crappy service. You can do so by putting in place more customer support call center channels to help you stay connected to a lot of folks nowadays, even those who are constantly on the go. Channels like live chat and social media.
    02-07-2013 by parkchunmin
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  4. PSI Contact Center has been catering to the varied demands of its clients since 1984. Known for its matchless technical support services, this award-winning customer service provider and call center is the preferred help desk call center of many business
    17-02-2017 by johnmathew2545

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