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  1. Find the best heat resistant tape for masking purposes.
    12-09-2010 by joan2mcgowan
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  2. Barry Perkins has vivid recollections of fighting a losing battle last winter with his flat roof and ice-dammed gutters, which sent water leaking into three levels of his Reston townhouse. The cost of repairs? A startling $4,500.
    19-11-2010 by felixgaxil
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  3. If you didn’t read my previous article on preventing frozen water pipes you might be dealing with thawing out frozen water pipes by now. Even if you did take all of the precautions and placed heat tape around your pipes, different things can happen to c
    24-01-2011 by gbartel
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  4. Pipe heat tape is a relatively new invention which makes it easy for people to make sure that their pipes are well insulated. You can buy pipe heat tape in any DIY store. before you go out to buy the tape, make sure that you know the pipe measurments. If
    25-04-2012 by hurivka
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