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  1. Would you like to get a Brand New Car For FREE? We know you do! You could be driving a free car right now... Get Started Now!
    27-06-2010 by vv24081
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  2. Learn about sponsor companies that will let you drive their new free cars|pay you to drive your own car just for decorating the car with their messaging.
    29-10-2010 by carlolg and 1 other
  3. Find out how you can get paid to drive your own car or get a car for free.
    30-06-2011 by baoka201 and 1 other
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  4. Driving a free car is the latest thing in marketing when it comes to trying to get a company’s name out there to consumers. Usually it is not the company that has the product that will give a car to drive, but a marketing firm. This helps the marketing fi
    24-06-2013 by johnz
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  5. The full details have not been released, but Millennium Hyundai has announced that someone will definitely be winning a free car. For those of you wondering, a hands-on contest is where a group of contestants place their hand (palm down) on a car. The las
    05-08-2013 by larryalvarez
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