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  1. Consumers may fall prey to poor products and services from various companies established or not. It is quite common to experience poor service as well when it comes to the processing of customer complaints. Most of these may be left unresolved or complete
    04-01-2010 by king98
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  2. Alot of consumers receive disappointing services or defective products from convenient stores to big and well-known companies. Unfortunately, they fail to receive due attention to their complaints, even if the products or services come from prominent comp
    05-01-2010 by king98
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  3. Consumer Courts in Maharashtra - Listing of consumer courts in Maharashtra district wise with address and phone number. Location of consumer forums in Maharashtra districts are defined here.
    24-03-2012 by mohitmaini29
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  4. The consumer court is the court which provides legal aid to the consumers who have complaints against the merchants or service providers. The consumer courts were formed with the purpose to deal with consumer complaints.
    20-02-2013 by consumerdady10
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