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  1. Whenever your body is constipated, you're not able to move bowels correctly, over loading the colon; therefore, toxic compounds from your waste overwhelm your body. Liquid waste from the undigested matter can get into blood stream, instead of getting abs
    04-05-2010 by ivan4gross
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  2. The Bowtrol Colon Cleanse is the 100 % herbal and all-natural colon cleanse choicethat had been developed to aid lose weight, enhance digestive system, get rid of intestinal parasites and encourage overall wellness.
    17-05-2010 by stacy45mcdaniel and 5 others
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  3. Everyone knows the colon waste products has become the main reasons of all diseases in human beings. It's the key reason behind heartburn, bloatedness, unwanted gas and severe bowel problems. A colon Cleanser can satisfy the requirements of cleansing you
    07-06-2010 by maurice55banks and 5 others
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  4. If nutritional foods are generally never found in your dish and also you are queuing in a takeaway food chain for your lunch break many times per week, therefore Bowtrol Colon cleaning is things you need.
    05-07-2010 by tommy31johnson and 5 others
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