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  1. It is smart to have in your repertoire a fail-safe healthy birthday cake. This tasty chocolate cake is made with superfood ingredients and topped with a vegan frosting.
    16-07-2012 by taubschone and 1 other
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  2. A simple chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream is the best birthday cake. Chocolate cakes are a favorite with good reason. They are delicious, could be casual or formal, rich and luscious or simple and easy. Your chocolate cakes, whether intended fo
    05-04-2013 by lokeshsaini and 1 other
  3. Celebrate your birthday with Monginis happy birthday cakes & make the day even more special. Our Birthday Cakes available in all flavors and shapes.
    16-11-2013 by nisha012 and 2 others
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  4. Do you know about an interesting chocolate birthday cake, decoration idea? Crispy ball candies are an innovative way to give an added touch to your regular chocolate cake and make it
    10-12-2013 by pintodesoza
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