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  1. I swear. When I first started waiting tables, I heard about how black people don't tip. I didn't believe it until I experienced it for myself. I have waited
    07-10-2009 by stevenwood
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  2. Here at Barutiwa News Service we believe that the world is spacious and that every man is an inheritor of the earth. We interpret this to mean everyone including Black people have a right to pursue happiness...
    05-12-2010 by cincyforums
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  3. The following is the contents of a letter placed on the bed of a young African American incarcerated in the Chicago city jail. Please take a minute to reflect upon the severity of this statement.
    29-01-2011 by cincyforums
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  4. This lens is a homage to black people. It condemns the cruel racism afflicted upon them that marked human history with pain, proving how ridiculous the idea of hating black people is. Black people helped our world become a better place with their courage,
    03-02-2011 by rrussell
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    17-08-2013 by menujat
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  6. This woman is such a suck up. She is supposed to be a "judge" and her show is named "justice" ... and she is totally biased and a total suck up. She is professionally unqualified to run this show or be in this occupation. Firstly, these incidents are not
    11-07-2016 by liambell370
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