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  1. There it goes, flying through the air. You watch in horror as the badminton racquet follows the shuttle through the air. How clumsy can you be? You should not get worried about it. You aren't the first individual this happened to.
    11-05-2010 by kaleylee23
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  2. There are somewhere in the region of 24 companies that produce badminton racquets in the world. You may be surprised at how low this number actually is. The fact there are so few companies that produce badminton racquets means you can really do you res...
    13-05-2010 by youngcoleman48
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  3. When you go out to buy a badminton racket it's just like buying anything else – you get what you pay for. You can pick up an inexpensive racket for $4.99 at one of those big box department stores and it might last through one or two games. Or you...
    17-05-2010 by youngcoleman48
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  4. Determining which racket is the best one for you can be difficult because you have a lot of rackets from which to select. Carlton badminton rackets have been produced for decades. Carlton makes rackets that beginning players and those who play for fun ...
    18-05-2010 by peonywoo
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  5. Whether you're playing badminton for fun or for competition you're going to find several badminton sets to choose from when you shop for them online. While some can be had for a pretty cheap price, it's difficult to tell, just by looking at a picture,
    19-05-2010 by youngjaydon
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  6. The Karakal badminton racket was designed in Belgium, and the now flourishing company is currently located in Britain. They are quickly growing into a truly global company, and they continue to focus on both quality and innovation. With distributors in...
    21-05-2010 by johnathonwu
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  7. If you are in the market for a badminton racket, the first thing you need to determine before you start shopping is whether you will be playing for fun and entertainment or for competition. You'll have several options either way, but if you're going to.
    16-06-2010 by kaleylee23
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  8. Badminton came be traced back over 2000 years ago to games the ancient Greeks played. The modern game of badminton began in 1870 when guests at Duke of Beaufort's Badminton House in Gloucestershire played it at a lawn party. Badminton courts are set up..
    13-08-2010 by kaleylee23
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  9. Badminton is a really great sport especially if you know how to play properly. Badminton is called the gentleman (or gentlewoman) game. Badminton is a totally inclusive sport and is open to all ages and all levels of ability. You can start to play from...
    30-08-2010 by peonywoo
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  10. Learn how to improve your game with badminton drills, visit our site now
    10-09-2010 by toby27peterson and 2 others
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